New Boston

New Boston was the name given to a 15-stamp mill built to reduce ore for the interests of the Wasson Consolidated Mining Company, which included the Victor mine near Candelaria. Water had to be piped from a spring across the Soda Springs Valley, a distance of over four miles. A small camp grew around the mill, housing around 50-60 with two stores, a livery stable, blacksmith shop, eating house, and two saloons. A short-lived post office was also established in 1879, lasting less than two months.

In 1881, the Carson & Colorado Railroad was constructed and passed just one mile below the mill. A station bearing the name New Boston was established, and repairs made to the mill. The mill by 1883 held a reputation for starting up and shutting down frequently. On May 5, 1884, the then-idle New Boston Mill was destroyed by fire. Eventually the tailings were shipped to the Selby Smelter near San Francisco.

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