Republic was a small camp that came into being following the discovery of the Cirac Mine by L.V. Cirac in late 1905. Of Republic's four mines, the Cirac was the richest. By 1908, little was produced and the mines were abandoned. New discoveries of ore assaying at $800 per ton at the Cirac in March 1913 brought a new rush to the district, which at this time took the name Republic and a townsite of the same name was laid out by C.S. Wilkes. By May, forty tents and frame houses had appeared. Unfortunately, the ore was shallow and soon ran out. By 1916, only the Rosalie Mining Company remained.

In 1928, another new find was made and the Ciracs returned to work their mine. That December, they completed a twenty-ton mill with four stamps. Around this time, Tom Hyland and William Farris also sank shafts in the area. Between them, Republic was producing between four and twenty-two ounces of silver per ton. By 1934, several mining companies leased claims and worked in the district, but by 1937 ownership reverted to Hyland and Farris. They left in the late 1940s, and little has occured since.

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