Ed Workman, who would later go on to found National in Humboldt County, discovered gold and silver ore in 1909 and located the Orizaba mine. Ore was shipped to Millers for reduction. The Orizaba was soon purchased by the Diamondfield Black Butte Reorganized Mining Company of Goldfield. In 1911, other prospectors arrived and staked six claims over an area of 120 acres. By October 1915, over 1500 tons of ore was recovered from the Orizaba mine, and that year it was sold to the Orizaba Mining and Development Company. Two years later, it was taken over by the Mines Selections Company and mining equipment was relocated from the nearby camp of Golden. Continued improvements were made, despite the mine being flooded by 100,000 gallons of water per day. By 1918, however, ore was quickly depleting and Orizaba was abandoned; at that time $122,000 had been produced since 1913.

In May 1922, the (unrelated) Silver Mines Selection Company purchased the Orizaba mine and began pumping out the water. In April 1924, that company's holdings were bought out by the Tonopah Mines Syndicate, who left two years later. Only intermittent work has occurred since 1949, including construction of a small mill by Allen Coombs and Jim Larson in 1980, and total production is estimated at around $128,000.

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