Cornish Camp

The nearly-forgotten silver-lead mining camp of Cornish Camp was established by John C. Fall and associates of Unionville in 1872, situated at the mouth of St. Clair (now Cornish) Canyon. Considerable prospecting was done on quartz veins carrying silver, but there was no recorded production.

Just north of Cornish Camp is New York Canyon. Following the 1861 establishment of the Table Mountain district, an arrastra was built by Judge Sam Bonnefield of Winnemucca in the mouth of the canyon. It's also said that George Hearst had his first Nevada mining experience there. In later years, New York Canyon continued to see mining activity. The Green Gold mine was active from the 1930s until 1960, and the Stoker Kaolin deposit near the canyon's mouth has produced several thousand tons of clay. The Stoker deposit is believed to be the largest kaolin deposit in the state.