(Spring Valley)

The principal mine at Spring Valley, known as the Bonanza King or Eagle mine, was first located in 1868 and in 1873 a fifteen-stamp mill was erected to process its ore, producing about 7000 tons. In 1881, placer mining began. Initially worked by Americans, the placers were more extensively worked by Chinese who arrived thereafter. A small settlement developed, and in 1905 gained a post office by the name of "Fitting". The new community was connected to Lovelock by a semi-weekly stage, with a fare of $3.

In 1910, the Federal Mines Co. installed a wooden dredge at the mouth of Spring Valley Canyon. Water, being scarce, was piped in from Indian Creek, five miles away. Problems were had keeping the dredge afloat, as water seeped into old workings and repeatedly drained the dredge pond. The dredge operated until 1914, and in the years since only minor leasing work has been done.