Nevada Quicksilver Mine

Nevada Quicksilver Mine

The Juniper mine, better known as the Nevada Quicksilver, was discovered in 1923 by E.M. Benedict. L.A. Freidman bought the mine in 1927 and organized the Nevada Quicksilver Company. A 40-ton rotary furnace was installed in September 1928, and from 1928 thru 1929 the mine was one of the top mercury producers in the nation. When operations halted in 1930 after the price of mercury dropped, nearly 3,000 flasks had been reduced.

In 1931 Joe Huntley and Joe Forbes of the S&J mine leased the property and recovered a small amount of ore. The mine was leased again in 1941 to Basil Prescott, but no developments were made. A 20-ton rotary furnace was installed in late 1942, but the property has remained idle since the following year. For several decades, a massive headframe towered over the mine, but it came down around 2018-2019.

I Visited the Nevada Quicksilver Mine

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