Mina Mercury Mine

Mina Mine

Originally part of the Lost Steers mine until its purchase by the Mina Mercury Company. Little development was done before 1918, and only a small amount of ore was recovered. In 1919, the mine was taken over by Booth and Wardell, who produced 628 flasks using a 2-pipe retort. From 1920 until 1928, lessees worked the property recovering around 80 flasks per year. In 1929, the mine was bonded to B.F. Miller, A.H. Gunnell, and E.H. Bedford of the Nevada Almaden Quicksilver Company, and a 30-ton Cottrell furnace was installed. From 1930-31, option was held by Miller and W.G. Fairbanks of Southern Mines, Inc. and around 34 more flasks were produced. Sporadic work was once again done by lessees from 1931 until 1939, when the property was purchased by L.B. Spencer and A.J. Anderson of the Mina Development Company. The following year a rich body of ore was discovered, and from 1940-41 between 1200 and 1300 more flasks were recovered. The property has been idle since, with total production recorded at 2766 flasks in 1943.

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