Gold Bar

After discoveries at Bullfrog in 1904 brought a rush to the area, the Homestake mine was located with gold ore assaying from $30-$150 per ton. In November 1905, the Bullfrog Gold Bar Mining Company - which operated the mine - laid out the Gold Bar townsite. In January 1908, a ten-stamp mill was placed into operation, and ore was shipped on the Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad, only a few miles away. By then Gold Bar had a population of 50 and several buildings, but soon the ore began to give out and in May the mill ceased operation, followed soon by the mine. The company ultimately folded in December. Gold Bar faded, and most of its buildings were relocated to Rhyolite.

After the Bullfrog Gold Bar Co. folded, the Homestake mine was purchased by J.P. Loffus at auction. Loffus formed the New Gold Bar Mining Company, and developed the mine and mill from afar. After it failed to produce, he visited the mine and found it worthless. In an attempt to recoup his losses, he formed a new company, but that failed and in 1911 the mill was dismantled and moved to Round Mountain.

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