Seven Troughs

In 1905, Joe Therien, a Lovelock blacksmith, discovered gold and silver ore within Seven Troughs Canyon (named for troughs built in 1894 by Frank M. Ward on the creek to water his sheep). The plat was accepted by the Humboldt County Commissioners on June 27, 1907 and a post office was established July 18 of the same year. One striking distinction between towns within the Seven Troughs district as opposed to other towns in Nevada was the lack of drunkenness; saloons would be deserted during the day and used as places to catch up rather than drink during the evening.

During the winter of 1907-08, the first mill in the district was constructed. The Kindergarten Mill consisted of ten stamps. In 1911, after testing the tailings from the Kindergarten Mill, the Seven Troughs Coalition Mining Company erected the Coalition Cyanide Plant 300 feet below the mill. Both the Kindergarten Mill and Coalition Cyanide Plant would shut down in 1917, because of a lack of ore due to mines flooding (read more at Tunnel Camp). Seven Troughs would also lose its post office on February 15, 1918 when mail was sent to Lovelock.

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