Daney Mine & Mill

The Daney mine was originally located in 1859. Initial work was done near the surface, and in December 1862 work was started on a quartz mill with the help of Alsop John Holmes, which went into operation in 1863.

In 1869, a new tunnel was dug under the old surface workings, and by 1872 a shaft was sunk to a depth of 650 feet. Little millable ore was recovered, however the next year a three-compartment shaft was started nearby. Unfortunately, that new development struck a flow of water in 1875 and was flooded. It was cleared of water the following year, and by 1880 reached a depth of 900', though it too proved to be unsuccessful. One final attempt was made in 1888 by a Mr. Trudgen, when another shaft was sank, but by 1890 work again ended.

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