The Eureka Mill, among the largest on the Carson River, was erected in 1861 and equipped with 20 stamps and four arrastras, giving it a capacity of 30 tons per day. By 1865 it was processing ore from the Yellow Jacket Mine. In 1871, the Union Mill & Mining Company took over and began rebuilding the mill. The short Eureka Mill Railroad was also constructed to connect to the Virginia & Truckee Railroad by March 1872. Completed at a cost of $200,000, the New Eureka Mill had sixty stamps and a capacity of nearly 200 tons per day, and in 1875 was called the largest and finest mill in the state by the Territorial Enterprise. Unfortunately, the mill was ultimately lost to fire in 1892.

A small tailings mill was briefly operated at the site beginning in 1893, but in 1897 the modern Eureka Cyanide Plant was built by A.J. McCone. Enlarged the following year, that plant continued to use the railroad line and lasted until February 1906.

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