(White Cloud City)

Copper ore was discovered in 1868 by Frederick Smith and B.B. Bee, although the White Cloud District wasn't organized until 1869 because of difficulties with Indians. John C. Fall of Unionville was the first to do work in the district in the 1870s. A small copper smelter was built in around 1893, and White Cloud City reached a population of around 40. The Nevada United Mining Company was incorporated in May 1906 by John T. Reid and completed a steam hoisting plant, compressor and several buildings (at which time the camp became known as Coppereid). In 1908 there were talks of a railroad spur to Parran, but that never materialized. Development lasted until 1912, and again from 1948-1952.

Coppereid consists of two sites, Upper Coppereid and Lower Coppereid. Two stone buildings and the smelter remain at Lower Coppereid. Unfortunately, the road to Upper Coppereid no longer exists as it has been washed out over time, although it is accessible from Grimes Canyon to the north. Though I haven't made it up to the upper site myself, photos of the mine's entrance have been sent to me for use below.

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