Lahontan Valley Ranches

Island (Douglass-Frey) Ranch - The Island Ranch, with 15,000-17,000 acres, was started by William S. Bailey by 1869. By 1906, it was acquired by Robert L. Douglass, who filed a plat for the town of Island City that year near the old cemetery and Adventist church at St. Clair. In 1909, following the relocation of that church to Fallon the previous year, Douglass constructed the new Island Chapel. This chapel also served as the schoolhouse until the Island School was completed in 1912 (note: both of these were about 4½ miles south of Island City; neither still stand and the name Island City has been all but forgotten).

In 1920, work was completed on a new mansion to house the Douglass family, designed by architect Frederic DeLongchamps. By the end of the 1920s, much of Douglass's acreage was subdivided and much of it sold off. In 1944 the final holdings, comprising the mansion and 800 acres, were sold to Charles Frey, Sr. The Frey family has continued to own the ranch ever since, and it is today home of the Frey Ranch Distillery. The 1920 mansion is still used as the family home, and the ranch was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2015.

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